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Abundance, Stewardship, & Delight

I’m a recovering city planner turned neighborhood real estate developer, neighborhood advocate, and educator. I write here occasionally about ways to strengthen out cities, neighborhoods, and blocks.

Why I write:

  1. To figure some stuff out for myself: How do we change course in our urban design, turn housing scarcity into abundance, and practice an urban land ethic of stewardship and sustaining care–building cities for a thousand years.

  2. To share inside knowledge and insight with a general audience: I’d like to share knowledge and insights from a professional on the inside so that other people can be more informed about what’s happening, why housing is expensive, and what can be done about it.

  3. To advocate for a future where my children can afford to live in the city they were born and raised in. There are big important issues at stake. A lot of the loudest voices are speaking with only part of the truth.


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